Adam Beyer Truesoul
Area 51
The Summer of 2011 has been a vintage season for Drumcode with tracks and remixes from Joseph Capriati, Skudge, Alan Fitzpatrick, Gary Beck and Adam Beyer ticking all of the right boxes. Drumcode family members and bona-fide techno legends Slam end the summer with Area51 a two track release which sees the Glaswegian duo turn the sort of scintillating dancefloor burners that has made them what they are. Area51 leads the charge with a hypnotic urgency. A lazily delayed stab triggers every bar while, by contrast, an incredibly tight drumtrack and gluey bass forces things forward. Very little is done to detract from this brilliantly balanced combination but as youd expect from veteran producers theres perfectly timed drops, flourishes and bursts of energy that take the track to the next level. The tone of B-side track Distant Voice is decidedly more sinister than Area51 and as a result, is the perfect counterpart. A ponderous bassline draws focus with its moody/funky counterpoint while piercing vocal stabs drive the cut aggressively. Holding the mood are background atmospherics that are as thunderous as they are subtly applied. As Slam continue their integral involvement with Drumcode theres a sense that theyre flexing muscle musically and the results are superb.
Area 51 (Original Mix)
Distant Voice (Original Mix)