Adam Beyer Truesoul
Patrick Siech
Crude EP
Drumcode's seemingly endless list of Swedish talent further expands with 'Crude' from Patrick Siech who makes his debut for revered imprint this Winter. A long term promoter and DJ in Sweden, Siech's transition to production has been a sucessful one, following a few releases for the Kant label, is now welcomed aboard Adam Beyer's long-running techno mainstay. 'Crude', due to the combination of incredibly detailed (and tripped-out) edits/sound evolution and a lolloping loose bassline, is a woozy peak time anthem which doesn't quit. B-side, 'Bad Carnival', is a heavily percussive, contemporary tribal techno cut which takes no prisoners. Complete with the sort of inebriated bassline as its A-Side counterpart but with an additional sense of percussive menace, 'Bad Carnival' makes for yet another nicely weighted Drumcode release.
Patrick Siech
Crude (Original Mix)
Patrick Siech
Bad Carnival (Original Mix)