Adam Beyer Truesoul
Nihad Tule and Nima Khak
Drumcode's latest release sees Nihad Tule team up with long-term friend and collaborator Nima Khak to deliver Framework, backed with Tule solo outing Smut. The Stockholm-based duos work will be known to anyone who has followed Drumcode sister label Truesoul, and this pairing is a precursor to a new collaborative project (alongside Lars Johanson) entitled Shufflekraft so it's fair to say Drumcode has got a bit of a scoop. Framework is a heavily shuffled number, with nicely rounded sounds providing a smooth and hypnotic listen. The bass is typically relentless though, so there's no shortage of power to underpin the subtle melodies and sandblasted groove. It would be a mistake not to mention the frankly epic breakdown five minutes in too, as it forces the track into overdrive. In Smut, Tule has created a more stripped and moody groove equally as brutal but in a more understated fashion. The drums are metallic and the elements are kept to a minimum, with just a modicum of effect automation and an eveloping held string developing the tracks intensity. This is weighty techno at its best, and perfectly in keeping with Drumcode's brilliant run of releases this year.
Nihad Tule and Nima Khak
Framework (Original Mix)
Nihad Tule
Smut (Original Mix)