Adam Beyer Truesoul
Victoria Harbour EP
Hamburg-based duo Kaiserdisco return to Drumcode this March with the Victoria Harbour EP. With 2010's 'Le Feu EP' alongside Flavio Diaz proving such a success, a follow up Drumcode release from the pairing of Frederic Burger and Patrick Buck was a near dead cert. Two tracks, 'Chinese Junk' and 'Peak Tram', make up the release and within, we see the producers penchant for intensely hypnotic rolling funk. 'Chinese Funk' centres around a manic filtered percussion loop which gradually shifts and mutates through the mix with an almost vocal timbre. White noise rides and psychedelic drones offset each other nicely while a lurching bassline rumbles away like an undulating backbone. 'Peak Tram' is an altogether more urgent affair, comprising a short, looped bassline that sways and swings the track continually. A long, tense breakdown punctuated with a kickback adorned with militant snares and more white noise rides does the rest, and does so admirably.
Chinese Junk (Original Mix)
Peak Tram (Original Mix)