Adam Beyer Truesoul
Joseph Capriati
Awake / Fratello
The first glimpse of Joseph Capriati's 'Self Portrait' is revealed, as Drumcode drop a double a-side single from the hugely anticipated second album by technos heir apparent. The tracks 'Fratello' and 'Awake', have been highlights of Capriati's sets in recent months, punctuating performances at landmark gigs such as his main room closing set at the internationally respected Time Warp Festival in Germany and maiden coast-to-coast tour of the US. 'Awake' was born out of Josephs longstanding love affair with Hollands famous Awakenings parties and is a homage to the fanatical fans who turn out en masse at each event. Tense, atmospheric and relentless, 'Awake' captures the feeling of a momentary release of energy that is such a part of the high-octane Awakenings experience. 'Fratello' has achieved anthem status since it debuted in Capriati's sets last September, such is the reaction it has garnered from fans. A work of rare beauty, this is techno at its most emotive, as hypnotic melody is laced with intricate key patterns, while the Italian's trademark shaking percussion propel the track forward.
Joseph Capriati
Awake (Original Mix)
Joseph Capriati
Fratello (Original Mix)