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Ida Engberg
Blue Yonder
Sweden's Ida Engberg debuts on her homeland's techno institution, Drumcode, this fall with a two track EP of persistent electronic funk, the Blue Yonder EP. Having developed a formidable reputation over the past five years as a DJ, Engberg's relationship with the family began a year ago with a ferocious EP for the Drumcode sister label Truesoul, it was only a matter of time before a Drumcode EP was sealed. Ida Engberg's reputation for tight grooves paired with dominating hooks has served her very well over the years and it's these tools in her increasingly varied production arsenal that are at the forefront of the Blue Yonder release. The title has a strong house undercurrent, which is rare for a Drumcode release, but it steadily gives way to a tapestry of looping atmospherics and repetitive percussion hits that slowly start to make Drumcode sense. The overall urgency of Blue Yonder is further pressed home with the shuffling, pulsing sub-bass that rattles underneath the detailed production. Finished off with heavily effected vocals which both unnerve and excite, its an A-side you dont want to miss out on. Junoverse on the flip displays yet more of Engberg's canny abilities in terms of arrangements and tension/release moments. The drums are relentless from the off but are built upon throughout which seems to push the track to at least two moments of fever pitch, and thats without taking into account the classic 'Vibrate' vocal samples, the brilliantly OTT rave horn and deft drops. Measured and balanced stuff, but not at the expense of sheer energetic weight.
Ida Engberg
Blue Yonder (Original Mix)
Ida Engberg
Junoverse (Original Mix)