Adam Beyer Truesoul
Gregor Tresher
System X EP
Gregor has delivered four outstanding tracks for Drumcode that are creative, whilst still functional. Relevance uses a filtered, bubbling synth line and sparse percussion effectively to build a groove that will rip through any club. System X uses a detuned synth stab and an unusual bass line harmoniously to construct a track that sounds like its from out of space. Secura is a straight-laced techno groover that uses some distinctively unfamiliar sounds. The track is gelled together with a repetitive hum sound that adds to the groove. The fourth track on the EP; Call To Arms, uses a melodic rhythmic sequence and reverberated drums to eloquently smash any dancefloor.
Gregor Tresher
Relevance (Original Mix)
Gregor Tresher
System X (Original Mix)
Gregor Tresher
Secura (Original Mix)
Gregor Tresher
Call To Arms (Original Mix)