Adam Beyer Truesoul
Kick On
"The latest graduate of the Naples school of techno, Ascion has quickly gained a reputation for futuristic techno grounded in the roots of minimal and early electro sounds that has gotten him noticed by the likes of Adam Beyer and Dubfire. Pär Grindvik has been at the core of the Swedish techno scene since the 90’s as a record-store owner, label manager and producer. His remix takes a heavy, brooding slant; adding eerie effects over tribal beats to make a real showstopper Brooklyn-based production duo Alexi Delano and Tony Rohr conjure up a typically intense track. Based around a stark but pumped up groove the main hook draws on harmonic elements from the original to make a powerful result. The original version rounds off the package, and it is clear to see what caught the ear in the first place. Deeply textured and hypnotic with a strong percussive element the sound fits very well with the Drumcode vibe. An impressive debut…
Par Grindvik and Ascion
Kick On (Grindvik's Strike Using The Foot Version)
Ascion, Alexi Delano and Tony Rohr
Kick On (Alexi Delano And Tony Rohr Remix)
Kick On (Original Mix)